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The Lockdown series was created during the Level 4 Lockdown that New Zealand went through in early 2020. Its intention was to raise awareness through lightheartedness, in turn bringing togetherness.


The Lockdown Badge is the headline and the core design of the series. Establishing the content and message.

The Great Indoors Sticker Website-01.png

The Lockdown Sticker is to send the message of the importance of lockdown no matter where it is placed. Great as a bumper/window sticker, or even for a sticker collector.

The Great Indoors Poster Website-01.png

The Lockdown Poster is a tool to remind people the importance of proper isolation practices during COVID-19 lockdown. A mountain climbing metaphor is used to give perspective.

The Great Indoors Flag Website-01.png

The Lockdown Flag is a continuation from the Badge. The Flag is intended as a bit of slapstick humour souvenir, similar to the days of travel when people collected postcards, small flags, magnets.

The Great Indoors Map Website-01.png

The Lockdown map is a tool to remind people of staying home during isolation throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic. Letting them know their limitations and some things they can and cannot do. The map is part of a series.

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