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AUTHENTIC design creates meaning

The solution comes from understanding the problem. That's how we approach every project, and it's crucial as it helps discover what the real potentials are.

The Monark Design Co approach is about understanding and listening to the client, getting all the right information for their brand. Including our clients in the creative journey is an important and exciting part of the process, adding real value. A sense of belongingness, that creates trust in the project at hand. 


So now it's your turn, let's build your brand story. ​


Graphic Design

Logo Design


Web Design


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Social Media Content
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Graphic Designer

Based in Rangiora just 25 minutes from Christchurch, Max loves to work with his clients providing the best results for their brief. Joining the design and creative community in 2016 he has found himself working with local businesses and making it into solo exhibitions.

Always looking for new ideas, this comes from a passion of finding/collecting old design be it; envelopes, logos, packaging, signage, pamphlets, and posters. The studio is full of different things and is a museum in itself!

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