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Noodle time

Noodle Time wants to bring you the best flavours, and they certainly do so. Their slogan: "It's about Noodle Time!". The creative direction had to show the authentic ingredients that reflected into the food, so we went with a natural colour palette. These colours proved that the brand can suit any design applications and still tell a consistent story.

Noodle Crew 1.png
Noodle Crew 8.png
Noodle Crew 3.1.png
Noodle Crew 3.2.png

The logomark was designed to combine the variety of foods that Noodle Time has on offer. This is shown through shape and negative space. An implied circle contains the design whilst making a bowl, and the food is reflected in the shapes above.

Noodle Crew 5.jpg
Noodle Crew 7.jpg
Noodle Crew 6.png
Noodle Crew 4.jpg
Noodle Crew 9.jpg
Noodle Crew 2.png
Noodle Crew 10.png
Noodle Crew 3.4.png
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